About us

Our team have very high standards. That means, creatively, it's our own passion that drives us to strive for the very best. Meet our team leads...
  • Eamon
    Account Director/Chief Bottle Washer

    For over two decades Eamon has worked at advertising agencies, big and small, across Europe and in Canada and has gained an immense amount of knowledge and insight during his time in the marketing world. He's pretty good at what he does and has made his clients a lot of money. He'd quite like to make some himself though now, which is why you should let him talk you into being a Jigsaw client.

  • Katherine
    Account Director/ Coffee Taster

    Katherine has over 20 years experience, both European and Canadian, in marketing communications, publishing, public relations, creative and copywriting. It's really no wonder that she drinks at least 15 cups of coffee a day and usually only sleeps for about 30 minutes a night.

  • Matt
    Art & Design Director/Football Analyst

    Matt has spent over fifteen years working on brands both in the UK and Canada. He has an excellent eye for detail, has designed everything and still wants to be a professional footballer.